On March 9th 2017, Sustainable Waterloo Region will be hosting and event with Dianne Saxe, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, for an evening presentation on Ontario’s emission levels and the role the Ontario Government intends to play to reduce them. Shifting her career in 2015 from an environmental lawyer to being the environmental commissioner, she now oversees the Environmental Bill of Rights and reports on how effective the government policies in place have been, and what next steps should be considered. Dianne has played a significant role in shifting more attention towards Ontario’s action plan on climate mitigation. Ontario has set a target to reduce its greenhouse gas pollution by 15% below the levels recorded in 1990, and by 37% of the same baseline by 2030. Dianne’s presentation will talk about the report and the key findings noted for the progress on Ontario’s climate change strategy thus far. In order to upkeep these targets, Ontario has introduced a cap and trade program this year, which ensures that lager facilities generating more than 25, 000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are capped and must trade credits with other facilities in order to accommodate the gas emission. The amount of emissions allowed will be reduced over time. The goal of this program is three-fold – to allow larger facilities to look for ways to reduce their emissions, thereby reducing their cost; to encourage facilities to have surplus credits to sell to other facilities; and to reduce the overall level of greenhouse gas emissions. To find out more about what other steps are being advised for Ontario, and what that could mean for your business or facility, join us at Stantec in Waterloo on March 9th from 5:00 p.m. To register, click here. We look forward to seeing you there!