Kelly McMath is a long-time volunteer on the SWR PR team. In fact, when SWR was in its younger years, Kelly was the PR Manager, but now serves as a PR Generalist. When she started, Kelly was new to Waterloo Region and was looking for a way to develop her communications and networking skills while volunteering at an organization that she shared key principles with. She saw a TV segment about the RCI and knew right away that SWR was where she wanted to be, and loved the idea of businesses embracing sustainability. Kelly has a career in communications at a local utilities organization, and is a full-time mom for two children. Kelly and her family enjoy adventures, spending downtime doing activities such as hiking, skiing, or camping. On more relaxed occasions, they spend time together watching movies. At SWR, Kelly loves seeing the enthusiasm and energy of the rest of the team. With unique perspectives from every team member, and a “why not?” attitude in the organization, Kelly leaves meetings feeling invigorated and excited. At SWR, we are so lucky to have Kelly as a volunteer. She has been part of the organization for years, and is always ready to get her hands dirty. She’s an excellent communicator, which means that along with producing high-quality work, she is great at letting the organization know what to expect from her. As a PR Generalist, Kelly gets to do lots of different kinds of work. She is a well-rounded PR pro that helps out on projects such as editing, media relations, award applications, and social media. Recently, Kelly led the process of submitting an application for the Regional Carbon Initiative to the Clean 50 Top 15 Projects. Spoiler alert: We won the award! She kept the team on track through the whole process, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. Thanks for being you, Kelly! Check out our last blog series, which featured Yvonne Stoll. To learn more about this blog series, check out our intro post.