Volunteers are key contributors to success at Sustainable Waterloo Region. Throughout 2015, we had over 80 people volunteer with the organization. We are booming with local talent, personality, and motivation. Part of what makes our team so special is what our volunteers bring to the organization, but what makes it even more special is the volunteers themselves. We believe that they are also just really awesome people.

At SWR, the word “volunteer” is only used to describe a pay grade. Our volunteers contribute the same quality and value of work that our employees do. We give the same level of responsibility to our volunteers as we do to our employees, so they are involved in decision making and help with the long-term direction of our organization.

To showcase our team to the rest of the world, we have created a blog series called “Faces of SWR” that will help you get to know us a bit better. These blogs will give an insight into our team culture, and will show you a side of our volunteers that you might not otherwise see. If you are connected with SWR in any capacity, it’s almost certain that part of your experience was somehow influenced by at least one volunteer in our organization. Now we get to show you how incredible they are, and you can “meet” them in a more personal way.