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WNH hosts Eco-Challenge

We are always inspired when members take it upon themselves to improve their sustainability actions. For the month of July, the Green Team at Waterloo North Hydro implemented a month long Eco-Challenge, where employees are encouraged to be more environmentally focused with their day to day activities. Using their challenge as a ‘case study’, here […]

Tova’s Travels – Wilkommen from Stuttgart

We arrived here last night and were informed about the Schlossplatz by a staff member at the airport. It is a city centre where they have closed the streets completely from vehicle traffic and the locals call it a green street. Only cyclists, pedestrians, etc can access this place. We walked down for a late […]

Tova’s Travels – Welcome from NYC

The first leg of my family’s trip is to visit New York City. This city is a crazy place. We saw so many things, all of which were familiar from movies and TV. It was cool to see that there is a clear business case for hybrid vehicles for the taxi companies as so many […]

The Story of Retrofitting 20% of the Parking at 144 Park for Electric Vehicle Charging

This story was contributed by Kerry Mueller. Follow Kerry on Twitter @mueller_kerry My desire to drive an electric vehicle while living in a condo at 144 Park St. in Waterloo, ON was what initiated this project. In the process, it was determined that many more condo owners than expected share that desire. My name is Kerry […]

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Regional Sustainability Initiative Member St. Paul’s is Featured in Case Study

Regional Sustainability Initiative member St. Paul’s University College is featured in a case study highlighting their 40% reduction target and how sustainability has benefited their business thus far. St. Paul’s has embarked on a variety of projects to improve their energy efficiency, such as upgrading three of their boilers and replacing the fluorescent lighting within the building […]

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Regional Sustainability Initiative Member R+T Park is Featured in Case Study

  Regional Sustainability Initiative member R+T Park is featured in a case study highlighting their 40% reduction target and how sustainability has benefited their business thus far. Some of the companies within the park have cited their involvement with sustainability being a positive recruitment tool and a competitive advantage. Due to the park being comprised […]

Our Progress, Our Path Event Recap

On June 22, 2017, ClimateActionWR invited members of the community to hear about the progress made so far on reducing Waterloo Region’s carbon footprint. Supplemented by the progress report, the presentation highlighted the sectors in which there were reductions being seen, as well as sectors that needed improving. In 2013, the three cities of Kitchener, […]

Sustainable Summer Travel

As the summer holidays approach, many of us will be traveling for our well-earned vacation. But how do we get there in a sustainable way?  Here are some rules of thumb I’ve learned over years of studying sustainable transportation: 1) Staycation! There’s true joy in taking time to enjoy your home or nearby community as […]

B Corp and Beyond: Event Recap

Becoming a B Corp – Why and How This morning, Sustainable Waterloo Region held a breakfast event at EY to give some more insight about ways to improve your e-score, and the benefits of becoming a B Corp. The environment score (e-score) is calculated from an online assessment that measures and compares your environmental score […]

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Responsible Investing – Sustainability

“Why let your money do something you wouldn’t?” This is one of the best questions I’ve heard describing the motivation behind socially responsible investing (also known as ethical investing, responsible investment, impact investing, or environment-social-governance investing). Whatever you call it, today’s blog post is all about investing with your values. What we’ve been taught vs. […]

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