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Sustainable Waterloo Region’s 7th Annual Evening of Recognition

KITCHENER, ON April 7th 2016 – Mark your calendars! On April 14, 2016, join leaders in environmental sustainability from around the region as they come together to celebrate the actions and achievements local organizations have made in advancing the sustainability of Waterloo Region. Sustainable Waterloo Region 7th annual Evening of Recognition will feature the release the […]

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Waste and Water Have Higher Value Than You Thought

Last week the Regional Carbon Initiative team, the people that help you succeed with carbon accounting, provided the opportunity to expand the horizons for businesses who are on a mission to improve their sustainability repertoire. Hosted at Wilfrid Laurier University as a small breakfast event, Sustainable Waterloo Region gave members a look at ‘Sustainability Beyond Carbon.’ […]

low carbon economy is brewing

The Low Carbon Economy is Brewing

Carbon Pricing. Cap and Trade. COP21. Low Carbon Economy. These are all ways that we are now talking about the implications of carbon, climate change and the environment on organizations. These terms are becoming ubiquitous in business circles, but what does it all mean? For some organizations, it is that they will be developing tools, […]

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Lexi’s Carpool Story, Complimented by Public Transportation

Traveling to and from school was a struggle for me for a few years. My first year of college, I had a hard time taking the bus everyday. It took me between an hour to an hour and a half to bus from my house to the school because of where I happen to live, […]

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TravelWise challenges employees in the Waterloo Region to carpool

KITCHENER, ON​ February 5th, 2016 – February is Carpool Month, and through games, contests, and great prizes TravelWise is making it fun to get people engaged. TravelWise is challenging Waterloo Region businesses to find ways to share rides to work, saving carbon emissions and money, while having fun in the process. “In past years we’ve […]


General Motors: Driving Sustainable Change – What We Learned

On Thursday January 28th, 2016, Sustainable Waterloo Region held its first event of the new year. We started off with a breakfast event listening to the Vice President of Corporate and Environmental Affairs from General Motors Canada, David Paterson, who gave an insightful presentation on what they’ve been up to at GM. GM has set […]

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General Motors driving environmentally sustainable change

KITCHENER, ON, January 22nd, 2016 – Transportation is one of the top contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions, but auto manufacturer General Motors of Canada is working hard to change their impact. From facilities to vehicle General Motors of Canada (GM) is dedicated to taking the right initiatives to protect human health, our natural resources, […]


General Motors is heading in the sustainable direction, and we can follow

Coming up on January 28th, 2016 is a highly anticipated breakfast speaker event, with special guest David Paterson, the Vice President of Corporate and Environmental Affairs from General Motors Canada Ltd.  According to GM’s 2014 sustainability report published, they are making efforts to become more aware of their manufacturing practices and aiming to eradicate any […]

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Rediscovering Transit

I am back to riding the bus to go to work. It is such a convenient commute and provides me with a bit of exercise, especially when I am late and running to catch the GRT bus. The GRT Easy GO app is important during winter so that I arrive at my bus stop just a few […]

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Introducing David Paterson of GM

Late last year I was at the Green Economy: Ontario conference and one of the panel speakers was David Paterson, GM Canada’s Vice President Corporate and Environmental Affairs, along with some friends of SWR: Susan Jantzi of SunLife Canada and John Coyne of Unilever Canada, among others. While I listened to the thoughts of the […]

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