Carbon Pricing. Cap and Trade. COP21. Low Carbon Economy. These are all ways that we are now talking about the implications of carbon, climate change and the environment on organizations. These terms are becoming ubiquitous in business circles, but what does it all mean? For some organizations, it is that they will be developing tools, manufacturing equipment or creating processes that have less impact on the environment, or better yet, give back to it. This could be the next generation in solar photovoltaics. It could be an ultra-low energy compressor. It could be a way to clean the carbon that is already in our environment. For most organizations, however, being part of the low carbon economy is more about changing how they do business, and the buildings and fleet that they do business in, to reduce their impact on the environment. Helping businesses do just that is what Sustainable Waterloo Region is all about. At the 29th Annual Energy & Environment Forum being hosted by the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce on April 5, Brick Brewing Company will talk about the work they have done for their building and equipment to reduce their impact. Furthermore, they will talk about why they chose to do this, what the business case for sustainability is, and what savings they have realized in electricity, natural gas, and water. I will also be speaking at the event, and will be talking about some of the initiatives we are undertaking at SWR, and how we are seeing the low carbon economy flourish in this region. I invite you to join us at this event. If you have been wondering what all the carbon talk is about, what you should pay attention to, or how your business can benefit from the change, it will be a great event for you! Register today. Looking forward to seeing you there.