KITCHENER, ON, January 22nd, 2016 – Transportation is one of the top contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions, but auto manufacturer General Motors of Canada is working hard to change their impact.

From facilities to vehicle General Motors of Canada (GM) is dedicated to taking the right initiatives to protect human health, our natural resources, and local and global environments. On Thursday, January 28, 2016, the community and members of the media are invited to join GM Vice President Corporate and Environmental Affairs David Patterson at a breakfast seminar hosted by SWR as he discuses how GM is prioritizing sustainability in Canada.

“GM’s efforts to become more aware of their manufacturing practices and aiming to eradicate any waste of their moving to landfills are not an easy feat for the automotive industry, yet GM is showing results to match their sustainability goals,” said Tova Davidson, Sustainable Waterloo Region Executive Director. “We’re excited to be able to showcase the progress they have made.”