About If you’d like to approach holiday shopping with the intention of giving, charities and non-profits are a great way to do achieve this. At SWR, we had a gift exchange at our holiday party where we were told only to bring items that were either thrifted or that we already owned. I chose to shop at Thrift on Kent, a thrift shop owned and operated by Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). My mom used to work in the same building as Thrift on Kent, so MCC is a familiar organization to me. I decided to visit Thrift on Kent to look for a gift for my office gift exchange because I knew that the money I spent would be donated to MCC. As a bonus, there are no taxes on anything in this thrift store because of its charitable nature. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and unique gift, I would recommend looking at a thrift shop. I like MCC in particular because it’s a charity that I want to support. Another great thing about thrift stores is that they reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. Gift Ideas Kitchen items – There are always so many kitchen tools and appliances. Last year I asked my brother for an apple slicer that he bought new, and a few weeks later I saw one at Thrift on Kent for $0.50! This year I got a really cute pair of ceramic mugs to bring to the SWR holiday party. food Food – Okay, you can’t literally buy food at Thrift on Kent, but you can buy really affordable containers. The second gift I brought to the SWR holiday party was oil infused with chili pepper. I found a glass oil container that had a cork top and a spout attached that I used to hold the infused oil that I made at home. There are also likely glass containers for different types of homemade food. Hobby items – This is broad, but it’s a thrift store so you never know what you’re going to find. For my brother (I’m banking on him not taking the time to read this) I found what looked like a never used Vertex “wine enthusiast kit.” It came with two vacuum stoppers, a preserver, and an aerator. I just googled it and they are selling on kijiji for $24-$45. I paid $4. Accessories – There were so many beautiful scarves, knit hats, mittens, etc. Contact http://thriftonkent.com/contact Facebook Twitter