The aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans fills the air in the old mill building in St Jacobs. Eco-Coffee is a local roaster that provides high quality and ethically sourced coffee. They show their commitment to sustainability through various efforts such as supporting businesses that are certified through the Rainforest Alliance, Certified Fair Trade, and direct trade.

As I met with Edward, one of the brains behind their new location, EcoCafe Village Roasters, I could see coffee being roasted behind him. He explained a few things that Eco-Coffee does to reduce their impact on the environment. For example, they use paper bags that are compostable and stamped with water soluble ink. Their printed labels are made using thermal paper instead of ink, and all of their paper cups are compostable. The pourover coffee maker is reusable and doesn’t require a disposable filter, like many others. Edward realizes that there are a lot of small things he can do in his business to reduce his impact on the environment.

As described by Edward, EcoCafe Village Roasters strives to provide a simple experience for customers, that allows people to enjoy a well made cup of quality coffee while taking a break from their busy day. They focus just as much on the experience as they do the flavour. Their wood panelled walls give a cozy cottage feel that helps the room feel warm, even in the bitter winter.

In the future, Eco-Coffee hopes to expand their services to provide education sessions and events that will give people a hands-on experience in the cafe. Edward sees the space as belonging to the community first, and he wants the community to see the same.

Gift ideas

coffee silo

Silos – Oxidization is the main process that will reduce the quality of coffee beans. Right now, Eco-Coffee is offering silos that store coffee and remove the oxygen from the container, leading to an increased shelf-life. Right now these can be purchased with 1lb of coffee for a discounted price of $40.

Coffee – Choose your roast and quantity. Beans can be roasted however you want them!

Coffee accessories – There were a variety of coffee makers available such as aeropresses, french presses, and drippers.


Flavoured syrup – Flavours range from peach to hazelnut.