After her dad and dog were both diagnosed with cancer in 1995, Jessica had an epiphany about something that we all know but don’t always pay attention to; there are chemicals in a lot of products we use that contain carcinogens. It was at this time that she started being more conscious of what she exposed her body to. This eventually led to her current business model, which features simple and natural skincare products for both men and women.

When Clarica was merging into Sunlife Financial, Jessica was given the opportunity to take a severance package and a $10,000 grant to start her own business. After some time thinking about a possible business model, she decided to create a business plan to sell natural skin care. Her application for the grant was accepted.

Originally, Jessica’s intention was to source natural products, but during her research she found wholesalers for ingredients to make her own. Knowing that this would give her more control over the quality of her product, she decided to make her own, and she created .With some formal training in biology and after taking an aromatherapy course, Jessica had the resources and knowledge she needed to execute her plan. Her business started small but has grown enough that Cocoon Apothecary has a retail store, which is the same location that all of the product is made. That means that while you shop, the only thing between you and the facility making the product you’re looking at is a few feet and a wall.

Gift Ideas

Men’s skin care – It’s a lot easier to find skin care products that are targeted at women than it is for men. Cocoon Apothecary saw this and recently released their first line of men’s products. These products include things like aftershave, beard oil, and soap.

Bubble bath, lotion, and soap – I love giving people mini care packages with things like lotion and bubble bath. These items are especially good for the person in your life that needs a little relaxation.

Gift boxes – Cocoon apothecary has their own pre-made gift boxes, and also have product in the boxes mentioned in Living Fresh’s feature.

Bath bombs – For a smaller and more inexpensive gift, bath bombs are available for purchase. These are great if you have a limit on how much you’re allowed to spend.

I have sampled about 7 of Cocoon Apothecary’s products over the last few days, and have yet to be disappointed. I also have very sensitive skin, and I haven’t had a reaction to any of the products. This is a product I will definitely continue to use personally!