When looking for holiday gifts, it’s a good sign to find a store named Gifted.

Gifted is owned by a lovely woman named Sylvia, who found her passion for “gifty” items through a full time job where part of her job was to source these items. At some point her job changed and this type of item sourcing was no longer in the description, but Sylvia enjoyed it so much that she decided to do it on her own.

Sylvia explained that running her store is a constant learning process. She tries hard to pay attention to what people want so that she can serve their needs. For example, when she opened she didn’t have any children’s gifts, but recently added some to her stock because she could see that the demand was there.

Of the 52 lines in store, 25% are local. According to Sylvia, it’s common for people to ask which products specifically were made locally. It’s also common for people to go in looking for gifts for others and leave with something for themselves.

While I was visiting Sylvia I was able to browse the product and I found two small gifts for my mom, and two small things for myself. I’d post photos, but I can’t give away my mom’s gift. If you aren’t convinced that this shop is worth giving a visit already, here are some more specific gift ideas.

Gift Ideas

city prints

City prints – These cool prints are available, and a hot seller according to Sylvia.

Animal themed items – There is an entire section of items that are cat themed (my personal favourite), dog themed, fox themed, and bits around the store with other animals such as foxes and owls.

glass jewlery

Accessories – Find accessories such as jewelry, scarves, and socks appropriate for pretty much anyone. Seriously, the sock options range from beer and burgers to cupcakes and sloths.


Kitchen accessories – Unique mugs, cups, containers, and more are all available.


Cards – For people who are looking for something a little more subtle, there are local handmade cards available.