Election day is fast approaching and choosing how to vote can be so tricky. Should you vote with your conscience? What about strategic voting? At Sustainable Waterloo Region, we know that it can be tough to get the information needed to make an informed choice when voting for the environment. In order to help with the election decision process we asked all the local Federal candidates to answer one question to help citizens in the region with their voting decision. The question was: “What would your party do to support businesses for the green economy?” Two blogs were then published that highlighted the answers that were received from candidates in all ridings in Waterloo Region. If you did not catch them, check them out: Kitchener Centre Kitchener South-Hespeler Cambridge Waterloo We encourage you to do research into the election issues that matter to you. If the environment is top of mind for you, start with these blogs, then look into the things that each party has promised, the ways that they have voted in the past, and policies that they have brought forward. Most important of all, however, is that you get out and vote. This election season a lot of focus has been given to the lack of voter turnout in the past, and the impact that specific groups could have on the results of the election if they mobilize and vote. Make your voice heard and help to shape the future of Canada. I’ll see you there.