Looking over my schedule from last week it strikes me how important it is to work as a community. There is the old adage that it takes a community to raise a child, but I have found that it takes a community to do almost anything that is worth doing well. Sustainable Waterloo Region has built an incredible network across this region of people that understand the importance of environmental sustainability and who are willing to lend their support to all the different ways that we work to engage organizations in fostering a culture of awareness in this area. Last week alone I was lucky enough to meet with people from businesses, post-secondary institutions, municipal governments, school boards, and other not for profits. These conversations were not only about the actions we could take together to reduce our region-wide impact on the environment, they were also just a great time. These are people that seem to genuinely care and like one another. This network, this community, is not just about getting things done, it is about doing it together and making everyone part of the solution. Waterloo Region, from its roots as a rural farming community, has grown up with that village feel. While so much growth and innovation has happened, at our core we are still that village that comes together to do what is right, and take care of what matters. I guess that is why they call us #WRAwesome.