February 23 to 27 was carpool week in Waterloo region and the TravelWise program ran its first social media campaign to encourage members and the community in general to share the ride and carpool.

The #carpoolselfiewr campaign was a way to bring attention to the idea of carpooling, its benefits and how many people across the region are already choosing this as their preferred method of commuting.

As a carpooler myself, I can say it was a great opportunity for me to celebrate carpooling, share how much fun we have on the ride to work, and to encourage others to join us.

Over the week, there were 70 #carpoolselfiewr posted from 10 TravelWise member organization and there were also 2 non-TravelWise member organization participated on Twitter.

Kudos to all the TravelWise member organizations that participated in the #carpoolselfiewr program!

The list is long, but every one of them deserved props for making this idea a reality! Well done to:

  •  BlackBerry
  •  Cambridge North Dumfries Hydro
  •  City of Cambridge
  •  City of Kitchener
  •  Crawford
  •  Equitable Life
  •  Open Text
  •  Sun Life
  •  University of Waterloo and the David Johnston R&T Park
  •  Wilfrid Laurier University

And thank you to REEP Green Solutions and AET for also participating. While they are not members of the TravelWise program, they were great supporters of the campaign.

Of course, there was an element of competition to the program as well. $100 gift cards were given to five or the individual participants, and the company with the most #carpoolselfiewr submissions will be awarded to winner at our Evening of Recognition on April 30.If you don’t carpool now, I encourage you to consider it. Login at gotravelwise.ca, register your trip in the carpool matching software, and hopefully you will find a match. A big thank you to the entire TravelWise team at the Region of Waterloo as well as here at SWR, for making this idea a reality.

Pun intended, but the whole thing was really a trip!