Webpage-PhotoSustainable Waterloo Region is so excited to announce the launch of our 6th annual photo contest! Over the past 5 years we have come to see the amazing photos you can take that really show the beauty of Waterloo Region, and we don’t doubt we will see the same submissions this year. This year we will be having three categories, plus a bonus style-shot to inspire some creativity! In addition to our usual 3 categories (Natural Environment, Human Environment, and Built Environment) we are adding a Long Exposure bonus. We are hoping to get some cool and artistic shots.

In the natural environment category, we are looking for shots of Waterloo Region nature – both flora and fauna. The human environment category can include anything from pedestrians using sustainable methods of transportation, to citizens interacting with the environment in positive ways. The built environment category encompasses sustainable infrastructure, heritage, or simply interesting buildings in Waterloo Region (which there are lots of!). The long exposure shot should fit into one of the 3 main categories, but will be judged as a bonus.

As always, there are prizes up for grabs! Who doesn’t love a good prize? This year we are offering a meal for two at Borealis Grille & Bar, a restaurant that focuses on serving local foods, preserving building heritage, and promoting sustainable business practices.

In addition to this delicious meal, the winners’ photos will be included in Sustainable Waterloo Region’s “Year End Report”, a widely distributed publication that highlights the actions within Waterloo Region that foster sustainability and where we can go from here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the contest. We are always happy to hear from you! You can reach me, the photo contest coordinator, at cailinmunroe@sustainablewr.ca  or submit photos to photocontest@sustainablewr.ca.  All terms and conditions can be found at sustainablewr.ca/photocontest.

Happy Snapping!

Need inspiration? Check out last year’s photo contest winners here: https://www.sustainablewaterlooregion.ca/photo