SWR has been very deliberate at doing our part to develop our local sustainability network. This is why Lisa Chapman is so valuable to us. She logs long hours to host up to 20 events a year. And this is also why we love our all-star volunteers on our marketing team. At SWR, we believe that through networking and creating human connections that ideas are fostered and actions are made.

Our network is important to us, our region, and the larger movement to normalize sustainability. But at the ClimateActionWR event, “Creating Action” at THEMUSEUM on November 13, our network evolved. It was on that date and about that event that Jason Hammond from Community CarShare posted my now favorite tweet. He called the event a ‘family reunion’. What a great phrase. For a while, I’ve seen business handshakes replaced by hugs and conversations about work quickly evolve to conversations about children. Our network is indeed growing into family. I like that.

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