It’s only been six months since Tova officially started as Executive Director at Sustainable Waterloo Region. And while I’m proud of the work and planning that went into the transition at all levels of the organization, I’m prouder still of how wonderfully Tova has taken the lead of this growing organization at such a critical time. SWR is heading in an exciting direction, and the most recent Community Update – including news related to new ClimateActionWR funding and Marsland joining as the first in a new “Collaborative Facility” RCI membership type – gives a flavour for the strides being made.

It’s also been almost 12 years since I first moved to Waterloo Region, to begin my studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. In truth, had no idea the adventure that lay ahead for me in this community.

And so, it’s with all this in mind that my partner Deb and I recently began reflecting on a potential move elsewhere in Ontario. In turn this has led to a decision to head east, to Ottawa. While it’s with mixed emotions that I’ll be leaving a community I’ve come to love, among other things, this move will allow me to be closer to family in Montreal and provides an opportunity to build stronger relationships in the capital region.

As of September, I’ll be primarily working from a home office in Ottawa. Though I plan on still being in Waterloo Region at least once a month for my commitments as a Sustainable Waterloo Region Board member, and for my support of SWR as an Affiliate Member in the CoLab Network.

The rest of the CoLab staff team – Priyanka, Dana, and our soon-to-be-hired Network Manager – will remain in Waterloo Region.

Like most transitions of this kind, this one is bittersweet. I will miss so much about this community. And I know it’s only getting better; I’ve been witnessing this first-hand over the past several years in particular. But I’ll continue to be an ambassador for this community. I’ll continue telling people about this place. And at the same time, I feel lucky to have the opportunity for a change in scenery, to connect with new surroundings, and even to skate to a few meetings.

With excitement for what lies ahead!

– Mike