I hope you had a restful and rejuvenating time with family and friends over the holiday season! This month I’m glad to announce not only three new Regional Carbon Initiative members, but also a newly converted Silver Pledging Partner: WalterFedy has set a 40% carbon reduction target, after having been a member of the RCI since February 2011.

As announced last week, we’re also thrilled to welcome Tova Davidson, who will begin as Executive Director on January 27th, on Thursday we’ll be launching Sustainabilty CoLab, and there are two opportunities to plug-in to the network with deadlines this week: a part-time ClimateActionWR Coordinator role closes tomorrow at noon, while entries to the photo contest this year are open until midnight this Friday.

Please read on for details about these and other updates from our team.

All the best,

Mike Morrice
Executive Director
Sustainable Waterloo Region