A Healthy Environment for a Safe Community

**This post was originally published on December 13, 2015 on the House of Friendship’s 12 Days of Good blog.** I am lucky enough to be able to work for a cause that I love. A safe and clean environment means a healthy community for all. As a Do GOODER, my focus over these few days has been to build community. […]

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Building Electric Momentum

The benefits are clear: Electric Vehicles (EVs) cost less to drive, produce less emissions, and require less maintenance. Such alignment of economic and environmental value is the low hanging fruit we love at SWR – everybody wins! Don’t get us wrong, there are definitely challenges ahead and EVs won’t yet fit every application (only 90%+ […]

Adventures in Carpooling

Since joining the SWR team in January of this year, I have been looking for a more sustainable way to get to work every day. From my place, transit is not an option so I have been thinking that carpooling is the solution to my issue. It has been an exciting adventure to work this […]

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Why questionnaires are vital to telling sustainability stories

As we start receiving responses back for our 2014 Year-End Questionnaire to our RCI members, I learn to recognize the value generated by these annual questionnaires in helping the RCI communicate your sustainability successes. The RCI recognizes your stories in the Annual Year-End Report, and through other various forms of media, such as social media […]

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Community Update: November 2014

Welcome to the November Community Update! I love that this newsletter is called the COMMUNITY update. I really feel like we are a community, working together to affect change in Waterloo Region. In the coming month the community will be hosting a few events, including one for TravelWise on the 26th and the Untapped Resources […]

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ClimateActionWR #CreatingAction Event a.k.a. “A Family Reunion”!

SWR has been very deliberate at doing our part to develop our local sustainability network. This is why Lisa Chapman (pictured right) is so valuable to us. She logs long hours to host up to 20 events a year. And this is also why we love our all-star volunteers on our marketing team. At SWR, we believe that […]

My date with an Electric Vehicle (EV)

Yesterday I went on a first date with an Electric Vehicle (EV), a local edition of #WWF Canada’s #EVFirstDates campaign! Iain Klugman, CEO of Communitech, and I spent some quality time with a Nissan Leaf, generously loaned to us by Greg Vann Nissan! I have to say, I have not been on a first date […]

Shad Valley Entrepreneurship Program a guiding force, then and now

Ten years ago I had the opportunity to spend a month at Lakehead University facing science, technology, engineering, math and entrepreneurial challenges as a 2004 Shad. On Oct 23rd, memories of that month flooded back as I joined SWR staff and volunteer colleagues at the 2014 Shad Valley Entrepreneurship Cup to present a group of 2014 Shads with […]

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Ordinary People, Extraordinary Actions – Join the Movement

On October 6th I had the privilege of attending the David Suzuki Foundation Blue Dot Tour at The Centre in the Square. Many of the speakers, including our own Tova Davidson talked about our love, as a species, for telling stories. How the stories that were passed down from generation to generation were what made […]

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Community Update: October 2014

The month of October has been an exciting one in the environmental sector here in Waterloo Region.  After a visit from the David Suzuki Blue Dot Tour, an election forum that focused on the environment, and much more, it feels like change is coming. Click here to read more about this and all our news.  […]

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