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Onwards: An Update on SWR’s Search for a new Executive Director

This past spring the SWR Board announced that SWR would begin recruiting a new Executive Director. Once the position was filled, Mike would then transition to lead Sustainability CoLab: a new network that will support interested communities with developing programs similar to SWR’s flagship, the Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI). For more details, see here for […]

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Gamification: Not Just Fun and Games

Challenge and competition have long been an impetus for action. Turn chores into a friendly competition between siblings – who can do it faster or better – and suddenly chores become a game, an outlet to claim prowess over big sister or little brother. A summer camp counsellor can silence a room of eight-year-olds by […]

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Community Update: October 2013

This month we are glad to share that Conestoga Mall is our most recent Regional Carbon Initiative member to have set a target to reduce their carbon footprint over the next ten years: they have set a 20% absolute reduction goal, making them a Bronze Pledging Partner… Read more here

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Community Update: September 2013

This month we are gearing up for an exciting fall!  Registration is open for our first technical workshop of the 2013 – 2014 RCI season, where you can learn about the local resources available to help organizations work towards sustainability over the coming year… Read more here

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The Economics of Extreme Weather: Where to Invest in Solutions?

Over the past few years, the global costs of climate change have become increasingly clear. Last month, this reality really hit home for me, quite literally: in each of the two July rainstorms that struck Waterloo Region, different parts of the same tree fell on my house on Cherry St in Kitchener. And I wasn’t […]


A Path to Pledging Partnership: Eco-Shift Power

Eco-Shift Power Corp (ESP), a recent Bronze Pledging Partner of the Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI), has announced a 20% GHG reduction commitment. Eco-Shift Power strives to help organisations locally in Waterloo Region and nationally reduce their impact on the environment by taking economically sensible steps to offset their energy consumption.  The main area of energy […]

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Community Update: August 2013

Good morning from the SWR Team, Thanks for your interest in monthly updates from Sustainable Waterloo Region.   This month we’re thrilled to announce four new Regional Carbon Initiative members, including Challenger Motor Freight and the Township of North Dumfries.  They join a growing network of organizations working towards setting a target to reduce their carbon impact […]

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RCI Event Season Sponsorship: Another Node in Waterloo Region’s Sustainability Network

A glass of wine on a St Jacobs patio, with the company of our sponsors – what a wonderful way to finish our 2012/2013 events season this June! Now, only a month after thanking our previous season sponsors, I am thrilled to share that three of these organizations have already indicated that they will be […]

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365 days and counting

How much can happen in a year? Relationships can build and fall apart. New skills can take shape, old ones can be perfected, and houses can be bought or sold. You move jobs, you make new connections, and you visit new places. You learn how to embrace self-reflection, you find a new mentor, and you […]

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Community Update: July 2013

Last month we were proud to announce that House of Friendship – a Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI) member since June 2011 – is the most recent Silver Pledging Partner of the RCI, having committed to reduce their carbon footprint by 40% per square foot over the next 10 years.   We’ve also now begun planning […]

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