Good morning from the SWR Team,
Thanks for your interest in monthly updates from Sustainable Waterloo Region.   This month we’re thrilled to announce four new Regional Carbon Initiative members, including Challenger Motor Freight and the Township of North Dumfries.  They join a growing network of organizations working towards setting a target to reduce their carbon impact over the next ten years.
Meanwhile a number of sponsors have renewed for the 2013/2014 Regional Carbon Initiative events season, the sponsorship campaign is open until August 16th, and a promising new report from Sustainable Prosperity found that BC’s carbon tax has produced both environmental & economic benefit.   Please read on for details about these items and more.   All the best,

Mike Morrice Executive Director Sustainable Waterloo Region

 Contents of this Update:

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Regional Carbon Initiative Members

New Regional Carbon Initiative Members
Borealis bw 2 Borealis – Grille & Bar Observing Organization
Challenger-Logo- jpeg 2 Challenger Motor Freight Inc. Observing Organization
St. Pauls - JPEG 2 St. Paul’s University College Observing Organization
Untitled The Township of North Dumfries Observing Organization
Renewing Regional Carbon Initiative Members
   CITS-black JPEG Centre in the Square Observing Organization RCI member since: 2012
Enermodal_logo_w MMM- JPEG- 2 Enermodal Engineering, a member of MMM Group Gold Pledging Partner
100% intensity GHG reduction over 10 years RCI member since: 2009
House of Friendship (JPEG) House of Friendship Sliver Pledging Partner 40% intensity GHG reduction over 10 years RCI Member Since: 2011
Miovision_Logo_wtag_Final Miovision Observing Organization RCI member since: 2011
wnhcolour Waterloo North Hydro Inc. Bronze Pledging Partner 20% intensity GHG reduction over 10 years RCI member since: 2011

SWR Updates And Collaboration Opportunities

Regional Carbon Initiative 2013/2014 Event Sponsors We are thrilled to welcome the following 2012/2013 Events Season Sponsors back for our next event season!  Check out our website for further details on how your organization can connect to the Waterloo Region sustainability network through event sponsorship.
Presenting Sponsors Presenting Sponsor Logos
Supporting Sponsors Supporting Sponsors Logos Volunteer Opportunity – Team Relations Coordinator
Do you have a passion for measuring and improving team engagement?  Do you enjoy creating and implementing effective and efficient processes?  Are you looking for experience in a dynamic Human Resources role?  If so, the Team Relations Coordinator position may be just the opportunity for you!  In this role you can:
  • Build experience in process design, implementation, and communication
  • Network and interact with a passionate and diverse staff, intern, and volunteer team
  • Utilize your excellent organizational and inter-personal skills
Click here to learn more about the Team Relations Coordinator and other available volunteer roles.

Recommended Environmental Research, Ideas, & Community Events

BC’s Carbon Tax- An Environmental and Economic Success Story

British Columbia’s pioneering carbon tax has been remarkably effective in reducing fuel use, with no apparent adverse impact on the province’s economy. This conclusion comes from a new study by Sustainable Prosperity, published in the latest issue of Canadian Public Policy. The study’s key findings suggest that since the carbon tax took effect (July 1, 2008), BC’s fuel consumption has fallen by 17.4% per capita (and fell by 18.8% relative to the rest of Canada). These reductions occurred across all the fuel types covered by the tax, not just vehicle fuel. In terms of economic impact, the study findings suggest BC’s GDP kept pace with the rest of Canada’s over that time, and the tax shift enabled BC to have Canada’s lowest income tax rates (as of 2012). The Sustainable Prosperity study is available for download here

BP Oil Spill Update: Halliburton pleads guilty to destroying evidence, Transocean must turn over docs

On April 20, 2010, when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, 11 people were killed and it started what would become the largest marine oil spill in history. Oil erupted from the sea floor for 87 days and gushed some 5 million barrels into the Gulf. BP is still considered the main party at fault for the disaster, but Transocean, who operated the Deepwater Horizon rig, and Halliburton, who poured the well cement, have also faced investigations and criminal charges for their involvement in the incident. On Thursday, Halliburton pleaded guilty to destroying evidence related to the spill.

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