Every year on April 22, people around the world celebrate Earth Day.

Events are being held throughout Kitchener this weekend.

Mike Morrice, the executive director of the not-for-profit group Sustainable Waterloo Region, says these kinds of international events are important for raising awareness of environmental issues at a local level.

“These events are meaningful insofar as acting as a catalyst for people across our community to get engaged in various sustainability initiatives,” he said.

“In Waterloo Region, we’ve got a number of various environmental organizations and initiatives for people to connect to, including REEP Green Solutions, CREW, the Grand River Car Share, and Sustainable Waterloo Region among them.”

Sustainable WR works with businesses and agencies that have made a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. So far, 41 partners in the region have committed to a 45,000-tonne reduction.

“I think what that’s indicative of is our community, and organizations in our community, that are really taking a leadership role in moving us toward a low-carbon economy,” Morrice said.

Sustainable WR was initially inspired by Sustainable Silicon Valley and the Toronto City Summit Alliance, but Morrice said Waterloo Region is increasingly at the forefront of sustainability inivitiaves.

“We have been coaching communities — folks in Niagara, and London and Hamilton — as they’re looking to engage businesses to commit to action,” he said.

“I’m excited to the extent that we’re increasingly being seen as a leader.”
Charlotte Prong Parkhill Kitchener Post http://www.kitchenerpost.ca/news/earth-day-in-the-city/