So, you’ve already made the decision to commit your organization to improving its operational sustainability. (And if you haven’t, well, why not?)

You probably made this decision for the most altruistic of reasons – “It’s the right thing to do!”, or “Preserving the planet so future generations can enjoy the things that we do.”

But let’s face it – you wouldn’t have made this decision if it wasn’t going to be good for business too, and we don’t blame you. There are a lot of benefits to “going green” that will boost your bottom line. If your organization is a Regional Carbon Initiative member, you already understand that companies with sound environmental management strategies and CSR policies outperform companies without. This is because environmental management systems result in cost-savings, attract top-notch talent, and through our experience, can benefit your brand through positive media coverage and reputation.

We at Sustainable Waterloo Region understand this too. That’s why we’re pleased to announce a brand new resource for Regional Carbon Initiative members designed to help them capitalize on these benefits. The Member Communication Package will help organization’s communicate their participation in the RCI and includes such tools as a sample press release to announce their membership, a welcome poster to display in their office and newly improved membership logos to further recognize their environmental commitment.

The goal of this package is to go beyond greenwashing to help RCI members communicate their real commitment to sustainability both internally to their team and externally to clients and the community at large. Regional Carbon Initiative members can find the package on MemberLink or contact Deb Bald, Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Communications Specialist to obtain a copy.

Happy communicating!