In September 2011, Sustainable Waterloo Region’s office moved from its cherished Uptown Waterloo location. While sad to say goodbye to the office that saw the first two and half very formative years of the organization, the team is excited to make the move to the vibrant, creative and collaborative space that is the Tannery District.  Today we bring you a recap of “The Moving Diaries” to showcase the efforts put in by the SWR team to make the move a great success! 

Day 1 – Wednesday, September 28

I’m pleased to bring you the Day 1 recap of The Moving Diaries.  A super team of five got a great start on the painting.   David – one of our co-op students this semester tackled the heights, Amanda – our Administrative Coordinator taped like a pro, her partner Pieter’s tall reach was very helpful, Matthew – our RCI Program Manager and our Executive Director, Mike did some of the fastest, most creatively-patterned paint rolling I’ve ever seen. (oh, and I stood around giving directions and taking photos 🙂 ).  Lindsay – our Marketing Resources Coordinator and Levi – our IT Systems and Account Coordinator stopped by too to drop off some loaner supplies.  Thanks everyone.

Our new space is going green – literally! The feature green wall is pictured below – the other three walls will be a bright white.  We’re using “Lifemaster” VOC-free paint from Dulux – it’s a premium paint, but on sale 2-for-1 right now (thus both economically and environmentally sustainable!).

Mike had the great idea of awarding an MVP for each work shift.  I’m pleased to announce that the Day 1 MVP is…. drum roll please…  David Valade!!!   Dave (pictured atop the ladder) receives this MVP for his aptitude and bravery for painting from the tops of a very tall ladder (others were not as brave – who shall remain nameless), and astute brush cleaning skills!   An Honourable Mention goes to Pieter, who helped out despite not being a SWR team member himself, but he is connected to a great one in Amanda.

The painting train will continues with the Thursday team of Isabel, Alex, Lisa, Pam & Dave H – see you then!


Day 2 – Thursday, September 29

A Day 2 update from the paint-a-polooza party…

Suite 430c is really starting to look like “our space”!   Some magical painting happened tonight. Wielding brushes and rollers, the team of Alex – another of our co-op students, Isabel – our data analysis expert, Lisa – our Member Support Manager, Pam – our HR Manager & Dave – our Web Manager (who sacrificed a date night to join us 😉  painted every inch of the room!

MVP for the night goes to…. Isabel!   The first to arrive, Isabel (pictured) steadily worked away in her happy, soft-spoken manner…. She painted edges, spotted ladders and supplied us with tunes (surprisingly revealing that she’s a metalhead!).   Thanks to Isabel and EVERYONE from the Thursday night team for making outstanding progress.

Tomorrow is when things get crazy… one crew will be starting at The Tannery on the last round of significant painting.   Another crew will begin the day at 22 King, packing, and loading, then unloading and unpacking.   A variety of staff and volunteers will be lending a hand throughout the day.

We look forward to seeing you all – even if it’s just to stop by and say hi!


Day 3 – Friday September 30


Today was a busy one.  There were movers.  There were shakers.  There were room-magic-makers.

Day 3 started with half painted walls and ended with three gleaming walls of white and one of show-stopping green.  At dawn, the worldly belongings of SWR could be found at 22 King Street, Waterloo, and by dusk all things SWR had found a new home at 121 Charles Street, Kitchener.  (who’s that guy in the pick-up truck?? Doesn’t he usually ride a bike around town??).

None of this could have happened without the efforts of Janet – our Financial Operations Coordinator, Thomas – our Research Coordinator, Jenn – our PR Coordinator & Social Media Manager (and her partner, Bryan), Rebecca – our Finance Manager, Alex, Cam – our Development Manager, Helena – our Events Manager, Mike – our Executive Director, Miles – our Community Partnerships Manager, Danielle – one of our co-op students, David V, Amber – our PR Generalist, Victoria, and Rodney – our Web Content Coordinator (on his birthday!!).

It was tough to pick an MVP today… so many people produced so much awesomeness, but there had to be a winner and today it was …. A TIE between Bryan Abel and Rodney Martin! (like it or not, some games have to end in ties).   As if we aren’t lucky enough already to have Jenn, she often can be found with the likeable Mr. Abel, who today toiled away from 9am until 7pm helping the moving crew and even lending the services of the Abel family van.  Despite not being an official volunteer, this guy does a heck of a lot for our organization.  Also very worthy of the honour is Rodney – the birthday boy!  Before moving on to his birthday celebration, Rodney stuck around for hours getting our internet connection figured out, hooking up the printer, and otherwise lending a hand.  Thank you to Rodney, Bryan and EVERYONE for your incredible teamwork today!


Stay tuned in the coming weeks for an update on our new space! We look forward to hosting you at an Open House on November 1st! Details to come.

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