Tomorrow is a big day for Sustainable Waterloo Region. Not only are we hosting our first event of our 2010/2011 event season, but we are also launching a new online community for our Regional Carbon Initiative members.  MemberLink will provide a central, collaborative space for our Regional Carbon Initiative members to share ideas and resources relating to environmental sustainability. Our new online community will offer features such as a central resource repository and access to all tools and services Sustainable Waterloo Region currently provides.

The best part about MemberLink is that it will allow members to continue the dialogue created at our Green Teams educational forum on the online discussion forum. Here, members will be able to discuss ideas and collaborate with each other about past events.  Members will also have the ability to ask more questions with event speakers as speakers will have access on MemberLink to answer questions posed and join any threads they have an interest in.

For example, at tomorrow’s educational forum, Matthew Day will be presenting Sustainable Waterloo Region’s newly created Green Teams Guide. The Green Team guide is essentially a how-to guide when starting to plan your Green Team and what to do to get it off the ground. Matthew will not only present the Green Team Guide at the educational forum, but he will also post it as a resource on MemberLink.  This will allow members to go through it in more detail and pose questions, comments or concerns directly to Matthew on the online discussion forum.

To experience this full circle service offering from us, please come to tomorrow’s educational forum on Green Teams and see for yourself all the new and exciting initiatives we want to share with you to make our services more beneficial for you. Click here to register.

Thanks and I hope to see you tomorrow!