Planning my first event at Sustainable Waterloo Region clouded my head with the wave of emotions it brought: I was nervous because I was filling in the shoes of a more than capable individual that seemed to have no flaws; I was excited because I love planning and organizing events; I was slightly confused because I’ve never worked in the environment sector; but overall I was excited to get my feet wet and to plan my inaugural event in the hopes it would be the best event Sustainable Waterloo Region has ever seen.

Yes, my excitement in planning the best seems a little ostentatious. In fact, it seems a little extreme for me to add the extra pressure, but as I got to know my co-workers better, started meeting and building relationships with some of our members, and began to settle into my new environment I realized that the support network built within the foundations of Sustainable Waterloo Region will allow my excitement to prevail over all of my doubts.

These foundations are built even stronger with the help of our incredible volunteers. I am amazed by the amount of hours our volunteers put in that results in a high level of professional work, and for this I am forever in debt. Thank you for all your hard work.

So, with our first event of our 2010/2011 event season just two weeks away, you’re probably wondering will it be the best or will it be just another event in our busy schedules?  You’ll just have to register to see: