I am now facing the last two weeks of my co-op term with Sustainable Waterloo Region and it seems like the last four months have flown by. Since day one I have been busy with various tasks and assignments which thankfully have left no time for willing school to start or the summer to end. In fact, the opposite is the case. Working here has been so different from other experiences in that I started my training and integration into Sustainable Waterloo Region well before my start date in May which allowed me to dig into larger more challenging duties by the end of month one. Since a co-op term only lasts four months this was a huge benefit because I have been able to learn so much from the team in such a short period of time. In a co-op term it is often the case that around month three is when you have finally adjusted to the new culture, procedures and expectations you have to start preparing for turn over the following month. With Sustainable Waterloo Region I have been able to see a number of projects to fruition and I will be working on finishing up meaningful work until my last hour here. On top of passing on my experience and words of wisdom to the students working here next term I have a major project another volunteer and I have been working on for two months, daily routine activities, weekly update meetings and tasks that are coming in by the handful.

The level of work I have been able to work on and the support from the team and Executive Director has made this co-op term one of the most career enhancing that I have had and I can’t wait for the new co-ops to come in and experience the same thing.