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Reduction commitment: 100% reduction commitment from 2009 (absolute)

Business Type: Design

Whiting Design provides modern design rooted in sustainability. A small to medium project specialist, Whiting Design works on residential, commercial interiors, office, retail, restaurant and small institutional projects within a 100km radius of our office in Waterloo. Clients want to create spaces which are modern, beautiful, functional, and economical, while reducing energy usage and improving work and life environments. Whiting Design strives for candour and objectivity, using advanced design thinking to solve your problems. Whiting Design doesn’t preach, they listen and collaborate to help your space realize its full potential.

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Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects: 


Sustainable Commuting: Whiting Design conducted all of their business-related transport with the use of a car share program. This has resulted in approximately $4000 in annual savings in comparison to owning a company vehicle. Lack of a company vehicle also encourages less paved surfaces ( driveways, parking lots) and increases land use. This option also allows Whiting Design to choose vehicle sizes based on demand, thereby not needing to have a fleet of various vehicles.


Sustainability Teaching: Started teaching a Sustainability for Small Business course in the SEED school at Waterloo.


Commuter Practices: Significant reduction in motor vehicle usage in commuting and work related travels. Tied for first in the Commuter Challenge.

New Equipment: All office equipment is Energy Star rated with high efficiency laptops at all workstations.


Emissions: Whiting Design began tracking their emissions in 2010. The below graph displays their emission data thus far.


Sustainability Culture:

Whiting Design encourages and promotes all their above goals with existing and prospective employees.  Their culture is formed on sustainability principles, from their location, to the work that they do and the way they go about it.  Whiting Design participates in the community by sharing knowledge and supporting sustainability related initiatives whenever possible.


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