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Reduction commitment: 20% reduction commitment from 2010 (intensity/customer count)

Business Type: Utilities

Waterloo North Hydro Inc. (WNH) provides electricity to over 54,000 residential and business customers in the City of Waterloo, Township of Wellesley and the Township of Woolwich. Their employees take pride in the community in which they serve, they work diligently at providing service excellence that is both safe and reliable.

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Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects: 


Water Reuse: Water used in the reverse osmosis process was utilised with the dehumidifiers and drinking water system.

Waste Diversion: Various forms of waste were successfully diverted due to setting up various waste streams, including ones for coffee bags, e-waste and batteries.


Fleet: WNH has a lot of vehicles so they are quick to respond during an outage. During 2015, fleet combustion was reduced by 45 tonnes by incorporating dual fuel systems in their passenger vans and pickup trucks: gas to start, and propane to run. For new heavy vehicles, auxiliary power units are being installed to generate the power being used by the lineman when the vehicle is stationary, eliminating the need for idling. These new heavy vehicles are also getting additional, secondary catalytic converters that further reduce the CO2 exhaust.


Waste Reduction: WNH performed a waste audit and several measures to reduce office waste. (1) WNH began composting organic waste, (2) as part of their waste diversion strategy hand towels are now being recycled, (3) reusable dishes and utensils are available in the lunchroom for all employees to use and (4) they’ve enacted a ‘litter-less’ lunch program.

Green Fleet: WNH purchased a Chevy Volt electric vehicle and Hybrid bucket truck.

Commuter Challenge: Participated in the SWR’s one-month challenge. The results are as follows: KM travelled 2423.7, Litres of Fuel saved 167.5 and KG of CO2 avoided 365.94.


Waste Diversion: Increased waste streams and stations for company recycling program. WNH now even offers a battery-recycling program for employees (47lbs recycled in 2012).

Paper Consumption: Implemented double sided black and white printer default settings, replaced regular used paper with 50% post-consumer copier/printer paper and introduced e-billing to reduce paper and envelop use.

Save ON Energy: WNH held 26 Save ON energy events to promote conservation amongst customers.


Emissions: WNH began tracking their GHG emissions in 2010. They also began tracking their waste diversion and water reduction in 2016.The graphs below display their emissions and progress thus far.

Sustainability Culture:

Sustainability is a core value at WNH, which is actively trying to encourage customers and staff to reduce energy on a continual basis.

WNH’s Green Team is staff-lead and meets bi-monthly. Some of their successes include: participating in the Commuter Challenge, the ‘litter-less’ lunch campaign, a proposal to eliminate disposable water bottles and battery recycling.



The Greater KW Chamber of Commerce Environmental Award (Nominated)

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