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Reduction commitment: 40% reduction commitment from 2014 (intensity)

Business Type: University

St. Paul’s University College offers residence, academic courses and learning opportunities to students at the University of Waterloo. We are affiliated with the University of Waterloo and are located on its main campus. St. Paul’s purpose is to support the University of Waterloo community by providing a unique learning environment that educates social innovators to shape a just and humane world.

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Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects:


Boiler Upgrade: St. Paul’s replaced two of their 50-year-old boilers and one 25-year-old hot water boiler with three high efficiency boilers. The old boilers ran at 50% efficiency and were replaced with models that ran at approximately 97% efficiency.

Lighting Upgrade: The residence dorm had all of its 160 T12 fluorescent tubes replaced with LED tubes.

Carpet Upgrade: The carpeting was upgrades on two floors of the graduate’s apartment building, replacing the old carpet with a new sustainable and environmentally friendly carpet. This installation was the final phase of replacing all of the carpeting in the residence building.


LED Lighting Retrofit: 350 LED tubes installed in all hallways/offices/stairwells/3rd floor residence rooms. Dimmers also were installed in 3rd floor residence rooms. Created a 7% energy reduction and had a rebate of $2500.

Boiler Upgrade: Installed 2 new high efficiency boilers and kept existing boiler for backup purposes. Caused a 17% reduction in natural gas used and received a rebate of $3000.


Boiler Swap: Replace existing boiler with 2 smaller high-efficiency boilers.

Replaced Building Floors: Replace two floors of carpet in Grad apartment building with Tandus Powerbond environmentally friendly carpet. Tandus Powerbond is 100% recyclable and has won numerous sustainability awards.

Implemented the Student Car-Share Program


Residence hallway lighting upgrades Replaced: Replaced lighting in hallways with LEDs

Chapel Watson: Replaced all the CFL bulbs with LEDs.

Parking lot lights: Installed 70W LED to light up a section of the parking lot that has no lighting.


Emissions: St. Paul’s  began tracking their GHG emissions in 2014. The graph below displays their emissions data thus far.

Sustainability Culture:

St. Paul’s Green Team is a student led and operated program and mentored by St. Paul’s staff that began in January (2013) with 6 volunteers and has now grown to approximately 20 members (as of September 2013). The Green Team has launched a successful sustainability awareness campaign revolving around educational videos available for free online (e.g. Ted Talks). Topics covered in the past couple of months include water consumption and waste management, among others. St. Paul’s Green Team has held several successful events (e.g. Water Week aimed at reducing water consumption doing key things like encouraging students to not use a food tray).


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