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Reduction commitment: Observing Organization in Milestone 1

Business Type: Planning, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture

GSP Group is a team of professionals who work with communities and clients to plan and design great communities that are liveable and sustainable.

We believe in professional integrity, innovation and creativity, collaboration and delivering service excellence. We work hard to understand project needs and community context.

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Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects


Environmental Landscaping: GSP Group donated landscape design services to a public school’s greening committee in order to prepare a landscape plan for a playground. This, in turn, helped the school secure a TD Friends of the Environment Foundation grant to build an outdoor classroom.  



Awards and Achievements

Hamilton Urban Design Award for Excellence in Community Planning (2016): this award was given for the Barton-Tiffany Urban Design Study which focused on the improvement of comfort and function of this neighbourhood. Some of the main focuses were rebalancing streets to be more pedestrian and cycle friendly, and redesigning Central Park.

Niagara Community Design Award Honourable Mention (2016): This mention was given for the revitalisation and beautification efforts made in Lincoln. This study included the provision of green spaces for public activity and the improvement of streetscapes for pedestrians.


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