Observing Organization

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Reduction commitment: Observing Organization in Milestone 2

Business Type: Technology

Focus 21 is a technology offering services to help clients design and develop software, manage and interpret data, choose the best technological solutions available and create a stunning user experience for customers.

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Conservation Software: Focus 21 implemented Watr, a software platform that helps communities manage limited freshwater resources by motivating conservation. The software encourages conservation through the influence of social norms, gamification and redeemable rewards


New Office: Location for new office is much more accessible with regards to sustainable transportation. Employees are able to walk, bike or take public transport to the office.

Carpooling: Continues to stress carpooling to meetings and to work to reduce emissions produced from transport.

Green Team:

Focus 21 employs a lean approach to their Green Team, all employees are members of the team. Meetings occur each Monday to discuss office updates, sustainability and new business.


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