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Reduction commitment: Observing Organization in Milestone 3

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We are not just your average print company; we are your business partner.  We’re dedicated to providing an all-encompassing total solution for your marketing communication needs.  From a high-end design department to a state-of-the-art production facility, we offer a wide range of services with the end goal of adding value to your marketing mix.

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Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects:


GHG Baseline:  This year’s focus has been on collecting 3 years worth of data to establish our baseline.  This will allow us to move forward with projects in 2014 and be able to compare our results.


Energy Efficiency:  Replaced lights in the manufacturing facility with T8, installed motion sensors for all lights in the building aside from manufacturing.

Production Process:  Implemented Chem-free plate manufacturing that reduces transportation costs, which in turn reduces GHG emissions, and reduced the use of chemicals for printing.

Waste Reduction: Developed print portal that allows personalized ordering, thus reducing the amount of wasted copies that are ordered.


Sustainability Culture:

Cober seeks to engage employees in social environmental responsibility by setting an example within the corporation. Recycle bins are located at every employee station and beside every garbage can. If paper is thrown into the garbage, other employees will get involved to take it out and properly recycle it. Additionally, their green team is continually developing the organization’s culture of sustainability.


Green Team:

Over the past year, Cober began to establish their Green Team. One of the team’s biggest successes for this year was setting up the Carbon Accounting Tool for the organization.


Sustainability Goals:

  1. Look into “carbon neutral” options for customers.
  2. Spread awareness to customers
  3. Tighten up processes
  4. Continuous improvement through constantly identifying and setting of targets and achieving objectives


Sustainability-Related Successes/Recognition:

Cober Evolving Solutions has been FSC Certified since July 2007


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