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The City of Cambridge is one of the fastest growing areas in the country and is part of Canada’s Technology Triangle. The City completed its GHG energy management plan in 2013 and plans on achieving a 6% absolute GHG emission reduction by 2019/20.

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Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects:


Building Upgrade: The David Durward Centre for the Arts building now boasts building automation, a new efficient boiler and lighting. These changes brought about an estimates 80 tonnes of GHG reduction. The Allan Reuter Centre also had a new boiler installed.


Wall Packs: Retrofitted outdoor lighting that goes on the wall of city buildings swapped out for LED lighting.

Galt Arena Lighting Retrofit: Lighting over the ice was retrofitted to LED.

Sustainability Culture:

The GHG Reduction Team (a.k.a. Green Team) reports to the Sustainability Task Force and meets monthly to provide regular reports to senior management committees and council. Together these two committees have an enormous influence on the City and Corporate level decisions.

Sustainability Taskforce Successes:

  • Corporate Sustainability Plan and the action plan for addressing Council-approved Plans
  • Corporate GHG Emissions Reduction (Energy Management) Plan
  • Tree Canopy Assessment (inventory and assessment of ecosystem services of trees in the city, including GHG reduction potential and Urban Forest Plan)


GHG Reduction Target: The City completed its Milestone 3 of the Partners in Climate Protection program at both corporate and community levels and is set to implement plans for 2019/2020 in order to achieve a 6% absolute GHG emissions reduction from 2009/2010.

LEED Building: The City completed construction of its Elgin St. Community Services Department Building. The building is estimated to have savings of 35-45% and is awaiting LEED Gold Certification!

Arena Dehumidifier Improvement: The City’s Galt Arena received a new energy efficient dehumidification system that will result in 8.29 tonnes of GHG savings.

Energy Management Plan for City Facilities: Finalized an in-depth audit for all equipment, facilities, and performance assessment of GHG reduction projects.


WG Jonson Pool Geothermal Installation: The City’s WG Jonson Pool developed a plan to improve the energy efficiency of the facility through geothermal energy which would provide heat for the pool, hot tub and the entire facility. The geothermal system at W.G. Johnson pool is the first to be installed in a recreational pool facility in North America. It is responsible for reducing 55 tonnes of GHG per year and is expected to save the City over $50,000 per year in energy costs

Installation of 20 KW Solar Array at Public Works

Six Arena Refrigeration Mechanical System Upgrade: The upgrade of these systems will result in the reduction of an estimated 100 tonnes of GHG.


Green Policies:

The City of Cambridge continues to enhance policies to be consistent with energy conservation at both the corporate and community levels including the municipal Gold LEED® green building policy standard, the Corporate Sustainability Plan (, and Official Plan (

Newly crafted Purchasing Policy now takes GHG footprint into account when awarding bids.


  • Awarded ‘Best of Ontario’ by Days Out Ontario for Green Buildings to visit.
  • Milestone 3 of Partners for Climate Protection acknowledged by Federation of Canadian Municipalities in January 2013

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