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Reduction commitment: Observing Organization in Milestone 3

Business Type: Retail Services

CF Fairview Park is a prominent shopping centre in Kitchener, Ontario with over 130 stores and services.

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 Notable GHG Reduction & Sustainability Projects


2015 Carbon Cleanse: CF Fairview Park Mall was an enthusiastic and active participant in the 30-day carbon cleanse challenge, engaging employees with activities based on heating, electricity, waste and commuting.

Past Projects

  • Lighting retrofits for common area hallways and administration office space.
  • Participant in Save On Energy’s DR3 (Demand Response) program
  • Building Automation System resulting in the following savings since 2009:
    • Electricity reductions: 17.18%
    • Natural Gas reductions: 28.82%
    • Water: 19.51%
    • Waste diversion: 62.96%
  • Investigating ORCA III physicochemical sewage treatment plant (designed for treatment of both black and grey water discharged).

Sustainability Culture

CF Fairview Park applies the GREEN AT WORK™ program. It is Cadillac Fairview’s national sustainability operational platform. Since its official launch, it has applied leading practices to integrate sustainability into property management and operations. This proprietary program is national in scope, implemented at all properties and sets operational benchmarks.  The premise of GREEN AT WORK™ is the idea that sustainability is both the right thing to do and the smart thing to do. These sustainable operations reduce operating costs, earn client loyalty and provide a healthier working environment for us all. The efforts focus on five pillars for maximum impact: (Energy, Waste Management, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Procurement, Communication).

To learn more about the GREEN AT WORK™ Program, please click here.

Sustainability Goals

1. Energy: A key focus is on Energy Conservation and Efficiency and the incorporation of renewable energy sources, with a long-term goal of net-zero emissions from buildings.

2. Waste Management: Generate zero waste by implementing a consistent and dedicated approach to waste diversion and waste minimization.

3. Environmental Protection: Eliminate adverse impacts at our properties wherever our activities, products and services interact with the environment, while ensuring compliance with governmental regulations.

4. Sustainable Procurement: Wherever possible, utilize environmentally friendly products, services and best management practices at all properties.

5. Communication: Inform, engage, educate and share green best practices with our employees and clients so that we can work together to make a difference.

Performance targets

  •  Energy: 2.5% year over year,
  •  Water: 2% reduction year over year
  •  Waste: 70% reduction in shopping centers

Sustainability related successes/recognition

BOMA BESt Certification

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