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Reduction commitment: 60% reduction commitment from 2009 (intensity/license)

Business Type: Information & Cultural Industries

Founded in 2001, Athena Software is a dynamic and innovative global company recognized for providing leading-edge client information management (CMS/ MIS) software solutions.

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Notable GHG Reduction and Sustainability Projects


2016 Carbon Cleanse: Athena Software actively participated in a four-week cleanse that encouraged employee engagement as well as a reduction in their carbon footprint for that month.

Improved Waste Disposal: The number of garbage receptacles were permanently reduced while simultaneously increasing the number of containers for disposing recyclable material. Battery recycling was also conducted.


Green Team: Athena formalized its first Green Team within their organization to ensure sustainable practices and initiatives.

Waste: Replaced desk garbage bins with recycling bins and used a centralized green bin and garbage.

Food-Order Policy: Introduced a policy regarding Friday staff lunches requiring ordered food to be Styrofoam free. Any food ordered needs to come in containers that are able to be recycled/compostable.

2015 Carbon Cleanse: Athena Software was an enthusiastic and active participant in the 30-day carbon cleanse challenge, engaging employees with activities based on heating, electricity, waste and commuting.


Client Service Partnerships: Building on the success of 2013 Athena is currently working to expand its partnerships with organizations in New Zealand to reduce their amount of travel to the country.


Increased Reduction Target:  After achieving its initial GHG reduction target of 20% Athena took on a more ambitious goal to accomplish a 60% reduction by 2019.

Client Service Partnerships: To reduce commercial travel Athena began developing partnerships with other organizations around the globe. They were successfully at solidifying partnerships with organizations in Australia.

Carpool Initiative: Athena launched a reimbursement initiative to encourage carpooling amongst staff that successfully increased the number of employees who carpooled to work each day.


Commuter Challenge: During this challenge Athena increased the number of employees who switched to sustainable transportation when traveling to work.


Reduction Commitment Details

Base Year: 2009

Emissions in Base Year: 20.97 t. CO2e GHG/license: 20.97 t. CO2e

Sustainability Culture

Athena Software’s commitment to sustainability is increasingly becoming part of their corporate culture. Each day their Green Team grows becoming more determined at achieving their goal of a 60% GHG reduction by 2019.


Sustainability Goals

  1. Reduce business travel by developing partnerships overseas
  2. Promote sustainable commuting practices
  3. Meet Regional Carbon Initiative GHG reduction commitments
  4. Construct policies directed towards waste and equipment procurement)
  5. Engage in Carbon Cleanse

“Starting with small commitments (irrelevant of the impact) goes a long way to get engagement and awareness.


Green Policies

To reduce the number of personnel who commute to work each day Athena allows employees to have “Flextime” which permits them to work from home or telecommute one day a week. Additionally, Athena has enacted policies which require employees to travel together if two (or more) people are involved and only travel when meeting two (or more) clients in the same day.

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