Sustainability CoLab

In 2011, Sustainable Waterloo Region spearheaded a research project to scale up community-based initiatives focused on improving the environmental sustainability of organizations. This research, funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, was in response to interest from similar organizations in Niagara, Hamilton, and London who wanted to learn from and build upon our approach. The result of this project was the formation of the national non-profit Sustainability CoLab whose mission is to enable community-driven and action-oriented approaches to business sustainability.

CoLab is planning to launch publicly in January 2014, and will provide the key support services needed for communities to launch, grow, and/or improve their own locally led GHG reduction program. Its initial focus for the next three years will be to create an interconnected cluster of communities across Ontario who are all working with local organizations to reduce their GHG impact through target-setting and public reporting. CoLab’s goal is to have 8 Affiliate Communities in the Network by the end of 2015, collectively working with hundreds of organizations to reduce their carbon impact.  Through the experience and impact of this Network, CoLab will be able to leverage its scale as a national entity to address larger industry, policy, and cultural barriers to environmentally sustainable business.

Sustainability CoLab continues to seek volunteers, Board members, strategic partners, and funders. For those interested in learning more, please contact:

Priyanka Lloyd, Director of Operations for Sustainability CoLab