About the RCI

Guide to the Regional Carbon Initiative
Revised September 16, 2013. Published June 16th, 2009.

The Guide to the Regional Carbon Initiative details the official reduction framework, reporting procedure, and GHG accounting methodology that is used for all Pledging Partners. This 70-page document is the outcome of several months of intensive research that involved analysis of industry precedents and climate change science, as well as consultations with:

    • Key community stakeholders
    • GHG Services Professionals
    • Two community-based working groups that met on a regular basis and was comprised of representatives from industry, local government, academics and environmental NGOs

2011 Report
Published April 2012.

Sustainable Waterloo Region’s 2011 Report celebrates the achievements and commitments of RCI members. Here you can read more about the people of action in our community who are making strategic decisions to reduce our Region’s greenhouse gas emissions by 42,550 tonnes.

2010 Report
Published March 2011

The 2010 Report, Sustainable Waterloo Region’s second, celebrates the progress of the 29 members RCI that joined before the end of 2010. The theme of the 2010 Report is “Celebrating a Community Built on Action”.

2009 Report
Published March 2010.

The 2009 Report, Sustainable Waterloo Region’s first, provided the opportunity to celebrate the commitments of our first 10 members of the RCI, as well as the early leadership shown collectively by members across Waterloo Region.

Milestone Guide
Published December 2009.

The Milestone Guide provides a suggested roadmap for organizations to move deliberately through the Regional Carbon Initiative. Within, the roles of both the members and Sustainable Waterloo Region are summarized and a recommended four step procedure is outlined for members to follow.