Regional Carbon Initiative

The Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI) is Sustainable Waterloo Region’s flagship program that helps local organizations advance the sustainability of their operations through greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. RCI membership enables organizations to make GHG reduction commitments, collaborate with area leaders in environmental sustainability, and learn how to implement cost-effective reduction projects.

Regional Carbon Initiative Member Services

Sustainable Waterloo Region provides organizations with the networks, support services, and expertise necessary to achieve greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. The Regional Carbon Initiative core service offering includes:

Sustainability Networks: Connect to a network of local professionals, organizations, and service providers focused on environmental sustainability.

Measured Progress: Track progress towards your reduction targets with a GHG accounting tool that produces data-driven reports. Members receive support from Sustainable Waterloo Region in starting GHG inventories and measuring progress.

Support Services: Access the support you need to report on your GHG emissions and reach your reduction targets with one-on-one member support and customized guides designed to keep you on track.

Comprehensive Event Season:  Implement the most effective GHG reduction projects after attending our events that provide technical expertise and highlight profitable GHG reduction strategies from local and international sustainability leaders.

Public Recognition: Have your organization’s progress towards environmental sustainability credibly shared and publicly recognized across Waterloo Region.

With a focus on GHG reduction commitments, the Regional Carbon Initiative is designed to help organizations direct their sustainability strategies towards reducing GHG emissions against a defined baseline. It is this measurable action that we focus on when publicly recognizing and celebrating members’ advancements towards more sustainable operations.

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