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Thanks for your interest in working with Sustainable Waterloo Region.  If you are interested in applying for a particular position, please follow the application instructions included in the individual position posting below.

Regional Carbon Initiative Member Engagement Coordinator

Regional Carbon Initiative Member Engagement Coordinator

Sustainable Waterloo Region is looking for a full-time* Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI) Member Engagement Coordinator to join our enthusiastic team of staff and volunteers.

If you are passionate about local approaches to advancing sustainability and would consider yourself a strong networker and relationship builder we’d love to hear from you!

As the RCI Member Engagement Coordinator you would:

  • Develop personal relationships with and maintain an in-depth knowledge of all RCI member organizations, ensuring that they are supported while addressing their sustainability challenges
  • Coordinate RCI member engagement initiatives developed by the RCI Program Manager (a Green Team Exchange, the Carbon Cleanse, etc.)
  • Assist members with tracking and reporting data using the Carbon Accounting Tool
  • Gather and analyze member stories and data through annual reporting processes
  • Make connections among RCI members and outside of the RCI to the benefit of members
  • Support the RCI Program Manager during new RCI member onboarding
  • Execute internal processes for any RCI members setting reduction targets or renewing their annual memberships
  • Manage our online RCI member information portal

As a strong candidate you are a(n):

  • Extreme networker – someone who builds relationships well, creates emotional connections and is willing to make connections among others
  • Social chameleon – someone able to fit well into a variety of groups, thereby being able to connect well with a variety of RCI member organization types (manufacturing, business consultants, educational institutions, municipalities and politicians, etc.)
  • Warm extrovert – someone who has an open, friendly, warm personality that inspires confidence and trust
  • Committed pleaser – someone who is dedicated to meeting RCI member needs, willing to go the extra distance to make them happy, and committed to high standards
  • Area expert – someone with a good knowledge of and passion for business sustainability and who is able to mentally put yourself in the place of the member organizations
  • Excel whiz – someone experienced with the Microsoft Office Suite with a particularly strong knowledge and ability with Excel

To apply please:

  • Address your cover letter and resume to Regional Carbon Initiative Manager, Matthew Day (, with your name and the position title clearly marked in the subject line.
  • Submit your application by Wednesday, July 22, 2015

*This role is a full-time contract from August 10 – December 25, with the intention of long-term extension pending funding


Who We Are

We are a dedicated team, motivated by a shared passion for progress towards sustainability across Waterloo Region. Together we are working to realize our vision for an environmentally and economically resilient community that prioritizes the well-being of current and future generations. Our mission is to foster collaborations that enable local organizations to convert their sustainability interest into action.

Our Culture: How We Operate


While we have high expectations of ourselves and other team members, we have fun, laugh often, and also bring out the best in one another: this is the kind of place where everyone is well-supported.


We take the time needed to have many voices give input to decisions. Collaboration isn’t just a buzzword on this team. While we don’t always have consensus, all voices are heard.


We don’t need to be seen in-person to be valued for our contributions. Team members – staff & volunteers – work from wherever they are at their best.


We’re extremely transparent. We like to work in an open office space, share what we’re working on, avoid hierarchy, and welcome interested team members to sit-in on the vast majority of our meetings.

Tangible Results

We have a clear focus on tangible, measurable results towards our mission, and on ensuring our impact is leveraged.


We foster an environment that celebrates volunteerism. Volunteers are as core to our team as staff. It’s rare that we differentiate team members based on whether they receive a paycheque.