Talk to Us about the RCI

The Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI) is Sustainable Waterloo Region’s flagship program that helps local organizations advance the sustainability of their operations through greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. RCI membership enables organizations to make GHG reduction commitments, collaborate with area leaders in environmental sustainability, and learn how to implement cost-effective reduction projects.

Why Join the Regional Carbon Initiative?

The Regional Carbon Initiative goes beyond green branding to help implement successful environmental strategies. All RCI services are directed toward enabling organizations in making real reductions in their GHG emissions against a defined baseline and moving organizations to more sustainable operations.

We provide the unique networks, direction, and inspiration for building environmental sustainability into an organization’s culture. While our member support team, event speakers, and support services provide project expertise and technical guidance, it is through shared learnings and collaboration that RCI members find best practices and inspire one another towards further GHG reductions.

As members start to implement projects and make notable progress towards their GHG reduction targets, Sustainable Waterloo Region provides credible third-party recognition for these achievements through our year-end report, Annual Evening of Recognition, connections to local media, and the Sustainable Waterloo Region website.

Find Out More

Browse our website to find out more about the Regional Carbon Initiative, our event season, and our membership options. Or contact our Executive Director, Mike Morrice, to talk about how becoming a member of the RCI could benefit your organization.

Mike Morrice, Executive Director
Phone: (519) 603-2223