5th Annual Photo Contest

Photo contest voting has now completed!  Congratulations to the following winners and to all contributors and voters! We’ll see you again next year.

Sustainable Lifestyle

1st place: “Cistern Workshop” by Alan Coughlin
2nd place: “The Eye” by Zac Jolliffe
3rd place: No Title, by Julia Heyens


1st place: “Urban Bike Rack” by Matthew Wartman
2nd place: “Kitchener City Hall Panoramic” by Matthew Wartman
3rd place: No Title, by Amogh Seth

Cultural Heritage

1st place: “Replica of Abraham Erb’s Grist Mill” by Brodie Vissers
2nd place: “Windows” by Matthew Wartman
3rd place: “Kitchener Farmers Market” by Brodie Vissers

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