Photo Contest Voting

Thanks for submitting all of your wonderful images!  Voting is now open, so you can browse between the following images from each category and select the ones you like best.  Winners from the first three categories will receive a dinner-for-two voucher at Borealis Grille & Bar, and all four winners will be featured in our Year End Report.

How Does Voting Work?

It’s simple!

1. Click on each image to get a better view.

2. Thumbs up or thumbs down whether you like it.

3. The image with the most thumbs up wins!


Natural Environment

This category reflects flora or fauna from around Waterloo Region.


Human Environment

This category is all about how people and the natural environment mix.  It could be anything from pedestrians using sustainable modes of transportation, to people interacting with the natural world.

Built Environment

This category covers sustainable infrastructure, community heritage, or simply interesting buildings from around Waterloo Region.

Bonus: Long-Exposure

This is a bonus vote for shots that are taken using a long-exposure technique!