Our Team

Our team is a passionate mix of staff, interns, and volunteers with a huge range of expertise. We have grown a lot over the last few years, and are incredibly grateful to have such an enthusiastic and talented group working towards our collective mission.

RCI Support Services
Business Development
Policy Engagement
Program Development
Human Resources
Public Relations
Web & IT
Strategy & Governance

Regional Carbon Initiative Support Services:

Matthew Day, Program ManagerMatthewDay

Matthew works closely with members of the Regional Carbon Initiative to take inventory of their GHG emissions, troubleshoot operational challenges to measuring GHG emissions, and provide training for our Carbon Accounting Tool. His extensive contributions to GHG-related issues, such as how- to and best practice documents, reports, and technical policies are integral to Sustainable Waterloo Region’s operations and helping members reach their carbon reduction goals. Matthew attended the University of Toronto where he received his M.A. in Geography.

Email: Click here to get in touch with Matthew.

Team Members:

Anam Rahman…. RCI Leaderboard Coordinator
Anna Fluder…. RCI Framework Researcher
Darren Kropf…. Member Support Coordinator
Jen Owens….RCI Researcher
Nicholas Cloet…. Living Documents Coordinator
Patricia Huynh…. Living Documents Coordinator
Robert Connell…. Member Support Coordinator
Tara Wilkie…. Member Experience Coordinator
Tasha-Leigh Gauthier…. Carbon Accounting Tool Coordinator


Lisa Chapman, Events & Operations ManagerLisaChapman
Lisa works with a team of volunteers to coordinate Sustainable Waterloo Region’s event season and manages a variety of internal operations. In planning, Lisa draws on her experiences as a certified teacher to assess and meet the emission reduction learning needs of individuals within the Waterloo Region business community. Lisa completed her BMath at the University of Waterloo, and both her BBA and BEd at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Email: Click here to get in touch with Lisa.

Team Members:

Alvin Fan…. Events Marketing Coordinator
Manpreet Dhaliwal…. Events Logistics Coordinator
Megan Backos…. Peer Learning Session Coordinator
Steve Yessie…. Events Content Coordinator
Tarana Persaud…. Events Research Coordinator

Business Development

Elizabeth WongElizabeth Wong
Business Development Manager
Elizabeth works with a team of volunteers along with the Executive Director and focus on the business development of Sustainable Waterloo Region. The Business Development team works to increase our membership with organizations who are dedicated to taking measurable and verifiable sustainability action. Elizabeth went to the University of Waterloo where she completed her Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Environment and Resources Studies and Geography Environmental Management.

Email: Click here to get in touch with our Business Development team.

Team Members

Cindy Luu…. Business Development Specialist
Courtney Butler…. Business Development Generalist
Kassandra Wallace…. Business Development Generalist
Mariah Smith…. Business Development Generalist
Taginder Clair… Business Development Coordinator


Elizabeth Hilgers, ClimateActionWR Plan ManagerElizabeth Hilgers

Elizabeth facilitates the ClimateActionWR partnership between Sustainable Waterloo Region, REEP Green Solutions and the Region of Waterloo, along with area municipalities, local energy utilities and the community at large. She is responsible for developing relationships among partners, guiding and executing project planning, and managing external communication. Elizabeth has a background in Geography and Knowledge Integration from the University of Waterloo, and recently completed her Master of Resource and Environmental Management from Dalhousie University.

Email: Click here to get in touch with Elizabeth.

Team Members:

Amber Turvey…. ClimateActionWR Events Coordinator
David Alton….ClimateActionWR Community Relations Lead
Nina Blagojevic…. ClimateActionWR Communications Lead
Dan Shaver…. ClimateActionWR Partner Support Coordinator

Policy Engagement:

Team Members:

Sheldon Pereira…. Policy Manager
Amanda Bichel…. Policy Research Analyst
Caitlin Scott…. Policy Analyst


Katie Wall, TravelWise ManagerSeychelle

Email: Click here to get in touch with Katie.

Seychelle Krygsman, TravelWise Promotions Coordinator
Seychelle helps improve engagement and promote the TravelWise program among member companies and within the community. Seychelle graduated from the Environment and Business program at the University of Waterloo, and loves traveling to different parts of the world to experience different cultures and transportation networks.

Email: Click here to get in touch with Seychelle.

Team Members:

Michelle Hoover…. School Travel Planning Support Specialist
Mistie Brown…. TravelWise Communications Specialist

Program Development:

Allan Taylor, Program Development ManagerAllan Taylor
Allan manages the research and development of potential new programs that SWR can be involved in or support. Over the past year, he planned and facilitated internal and external stakeholder engagement and helped to shape the overall structure and content of SWR’s Strategic Plan. In this role he is responsible for engaging the SWR team and community, focusing on fostering collaborations that ensure new programs help organizations realize both environmental and economic benefits. Allan has a background Recreation and Business – Tourism and Park Management – and has a Master’s in Environmental Studies focused on community sustainability from the University of Waterloo.

Email: Click here to get in touch with Allan.

Electric Vehicle Team Members:

Arcy Canumay…. EV Network Development Lead
Claudia Vodola…. EV Social Media Coordinator
Eli Tremblay…. EV Living Documents Coordinator
Karina Vigil…. EV Social Media Lead
Samiya Hirji… EV Network Development Coordinator

CSE Team Members:

Andreas Mertes….CSE Research Coordinator
Antonio Albornoz….CSE Research Lead
Victoria Alleyne…CSE Collaborative Hub Specialist



Rebecca Vollmer, Finance ManagerRebeccaVollmer

Rebecca manages the financial processes of Sustainable Waterloo Region. She works closely with all functional areas to provide financial support and coordinates with the team to provide appropriate statements of financial position and as well as the annual budget. Rebecca is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Business Administration program from Wilfrid Laurier University and is working towards her Chartered Accounting designation.

Email: Click here to get in touch with Rebecca.

Team Members:

Archis Deshpande…. Cash Flow Lead
Andreina Calderon…. Finance Coordinator
Julie Vuong…. Finance Coordinator
Katherine Albrecht…. Financial Operations Lead

Human Resources:

Naudia Banton, HR ManagerNaudia Banton
Naudia manages and provides strategic guidance to our HR Team, which coordinates recruitment, recognition, retention, and engagement for both SWR volunteers and staff.

Email: Click here to get in touch with Naudia.

Team Members:

Alison Forler….Recruitment Coordinator


Lori Gallaugher, Marketing ManagerLori Gallaugher
Lori leads the creation and execution of the marketing strategy for SWR and its programs.  This encompasses the management of the organization’s brands and leading communication efforts with the volunteer and internal team.  Lori has been engaged in the global solar PV industry since 2005, and the Ontario electricity industry since 2007 in various marketing, business development and leadership roles.  Lori holds an Executive MBA from Queen’s School of Business, a Co-operative Management Certificate from the Schulich School of Business, a Business Administration Diploma from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Chemical Technologist Diploma from Seneca College.

Email: Click here to get in touch with Lori.

Team Members:

Cailin Munroe…. Photographer
Chris Steingart…. Creative Lead
Christine Bui…. Graphic Designer
Maryam Kafi…. Graphic Designer

Public Relations:

Team Members:

Lexi Halley…. PR Manager
Alecz Sallows… Media Relations Lead
Diana Milanovic…. Community Relations Lead
Kelly McMath…. PR Generalist
Michelle Sullivan…. PR Generalist


Web & IT:

SeychelleMatt Quinn, Web Manager

Matt oversees the implementation and maintenance of all web content and IT services, assisting in the maintenance of Sustainable Waterloo Region’s public website, the Regional Carbon Initiative Members’ portal, as well as our staff portal.

Email: Click here to get in touch with our web team.

Team Members:

Graham Dunn…. IT Support
Matthew Brodrecht…Web Developer

Strategy & Governance:

Tova Davidson, Executive DirectorTovaDavidson

Tova Davidson is the Executive Director of Sustainable Waterloo Region.  She helps develop strategic direction for SWR, manages the team, and builds key relationships throughout Waterloo Region.

Tova is a graduate of the University of Guelph where she completed a Master of Arts in Philosophy. Throughout her career, Tova has worked in communications, public relations, marketing and leadership roles. Before joining Sustainable Waterloo Region, Tova was the Vice President of The Letter M Marketing, where she provided strategic planning, business consulting, project management and leadership to the business as well as her clients. Tova has been selected by The Guelph Mercury as one the 40 Under 40, and was the recipient of the Mayor’s Award of Excellence.

Email: Click here to get in touch with Tova.

Additional Support

Janette Kingsbury…Board of Directors Liaison
Jenn Carreiro…Project Specialist
Leandra Mariani…. Executive Assistant
Marty Finestone…. Legal Advisor